Who We Are

Thru the Undertow is the creative effort of Nicole Lowell. After learning of the trauma inflicted upon her children at the hands of their father, Nicole searched for advice and support to navigate “the system”. Instead she found many parents trying to answer similar questions.


The mission of Thru the Undertow is to provide a place of support, education, and information for those who seek to assist and advocate for victims of child sexual abuse, assault and trafficking while bringing more awareness to the general public regarding these heinous crimes against children.

About the Host

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Nicole Lowell


Nicole Lowell is the creator of Thru the Undertow and the mother of three amazing children. Prior to her venture into podcasting, she worked in the film/tv industry for 20 years. She stepped away from this when her children began to have their memories resurface. She currently spends her time helping her children heal from their trauma and advocating for them.